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SCAE Roasting Foundation + Intermediate
SCAE Roasting Foundation + Intermediate $9,000.00 $12,500.00
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Mahlkonig VARIO HOME Coffee Grinder
Mahlkonig VARIO HOME Coffee Grinder $4,520.00
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Mahlkoenig EK-43 Retail Coffee Grinder
Mahlkoenig EK-43 Retail Coffee Grinder from $22,780.00
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Rocket R58 V2 Espresso machine
Rocket R58 V2 Espresso machine $22,800.00 $23,800.00
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Direct trade
Our green beans are mainly direct trade with either coffee estate/cooperative or farmers, we believe direct trade provides the biggest support to the farmers and help to improve their living standards, education and health.

Specialty coffee
Hershey's Caffettiera and Hazel & Hershey sell and serve specialty coffee only, and what's specialty coffee?
Specialty coffee is pure Arabica beans, which has richer in flavours and lower in caffeine.  Compares to commercial grade coffee from chain coffee store, it's like only one third to one fifth of caffeine content. 

Definition of Specialty coffee by SCAE
Definitionf of Specialty coffee by SCAA

Roasting in house
We have our beans roasted in Hong Kong, at our coffee outlet Hazel & Hershey.  


Intermediate Latte Art

December 15, 2014

Our advance latte art requires time and training, the course itself can be quite difficult so our instructors insist on teaching a class of 5 or less people. At the end of the night, our students still manage to freepour some amazing rosetta swan and tulip!

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Public Cupping Session 30/11/2014

December 01, 2014

Cupping session yesterday went brilliantly, we had several new sample beans including: La Vuelta Obscura El Injerto Nativo El Injerto Red Catuai El Injerto Yellow Catuai San Jose Cafe Margarita Washed Santa Ana Pacamara Santa Ana Natural Antigua Guatemala Ceylan Honey Geisha   Every Sunday we have a public cupping session and everyone is welcome to join us next Sunday on 7/12/2014. 

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Leisure Latte Art Class

November 24, 2014

We had our second latte art class this weekend, many showed up early excited about the class - and in result we got plenty of good freepour at the end! This class requires no experience but that doesn't mean they can't do it within 2 hours of latte art lesson. I hope all our students had a great experience, and we do have our level 2 advance latte art class coming up on 8/12. Join now!  

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SCAE Roasting Intermediate

November 24, 2014

Roasting Intermediate focused on the basic of roasting but students must learn how to introduce chemical conditions and understand principles that cause the physical properties and reactions. They must also know how to differentiate the stages between green coffee to roasted coffee. Our students caught up quickly due to their previous experience, and they too share experience of their own which make every class very interesting for our instructors too. 

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